The concept of leadership has developed more in the last 20 years than it had in the previous 200. We all know by now that traditional leadership, with the boss having full power of decision and employees obediently following his orders, has been replaced by new leadership, where employees’ opinions are highly valued and cooperation, proactivity and initiative are rewarded.

However, an even newer form of leadership is currently developing. In agile structures, leaders have the complex task of facilitating a dynamic and collaborative environment by bringing different teams together and creating an atmosphere of trust, where experimentation and creativity are encouraged.

But let’s be honest here! Many leaders and work cultures do not practice what they preach. So what type of leader do YOU want to be? Let’s start by evaluating the strengths you already have while exploring the areas where your leadership skills can be developed further.

Take pen and paper and note down your answers to the following questions by indicating:

C – Almost never; B – Occasionally; A – Almost always

1. I believe in my potential to be successful, which drives me and motivates me.
2. I make a conscious effort to make sure that my actions are consistent with what I expect from my team.
3. I see mistakes as learning opportunities, not as failures, and I provide feedback accordingly.
4. When working with a team, I avoid imposing my view and rather try to involve everyone to make their contribution.
5. Thinking about the future is fun and stimulating for me.
6. Before assigning a task, I take into account my team member’s skills and preferences.
7. I can easily adapt to changing circumstances.
8. If my team member’s solution is more effective than mine, I have no problem acknowledging it.
9. I consistently ask my team how I can help them to perform at best.
10. When working with people from different departments, I appreciate the value they each bring to reaching the common objectives.
11. If I notice that one of my team members is concerned about something, I take the time to talk to them.
12. I believe team morale is one of my priorities as a manager.
13. I expect to work harder than my team members.
14. I’d rather have my team members learning new skills and challenging themselves instead of doing the same task over and over again.
15. I appreciate it when people are critical in a solution-oriented and innovative way.



Majority of C
You have a rather traditional way of leading people, which might be obsolete in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing businesses. It has been proven that a more flexible leadership style fosters creativity, motivation, retention and growth, which in turn will make your life easier as a Manager. A win-win situation! The good news is that leadership skills can be developed and we can help you do it efficiently through our programs.

Majority of B
Great! You already have some strong skills as a leader, but other aspects could still be improved. Do you want to be average or do you want to excel and become the best at what you do? Take time to review the questions where you answered B or C, do you notice any pattern? Are they mostly connected to emotional intelligence, communication or flexibility? Self-reflection can be quickly turned into action with our help.

Majority of A
Wow, your team is lucky to have you! You answers indicate that you are already inspiring, supportive and motivating. However, you are never really perfect as a leader and there are always new things to learn or skills to develop. How do you keep yourself motivated? How can you make sure that routine doesn’t take over and you remain innovative and creative? Have a look at the answers that were not an A. How can we help you?

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