Standing on your head means doing something easily. So take pen and paper, position yourself comfortably on your head* and in just 5 minutes you’ll know what to do next!

This month’s goal is: improving your time management.

Are you often very busy, but not actually productive? Is your to-do list never getting any shorter? Is your work dangerously entering into personal life territory? Time management is key for operational efficiency and ultimately impacts all spheres of our lives.

Start by writing down:

1. How would your professional and personal life change if you optimize your usage of time?

Our real daily, weekly and monthly priorities are often set aside to take care of practical, administrative tasks. Identifying the activities that require most of your time but contribute the least to achieving your goals is the first step to gain precious minutes, hours, days…

Take a moment to reflect on the following question and note down your thoughts:

2. What specific activity is currently requiring most of your time, while bringing you less benefits?

You have probably struggled with this for a long time, but for sure there are things you never tried before. Put yourself in the shoes of someone observing you from outside, what would they advise you to do? Let your imagination and creativity flow and write:

3. What are the 3 things that you could do in order to reduce the amount of time you spend on the above activity?

4. Come on, I am sure you can come up with one more idea! Write it down.

You probably thought of great options for change, now it’s time to narrow it down.

5. What is the easiest, quickest or more efficient thing to do?

Brace yourself, it’s time to get into the real action!

6. What are the exact steps that you will take in order to carry out the above action and what is the precise date and time when you will start?

This could be just the beginning of your journey towards enjoying your newly found free time! Contact us to become a true champion of time management.


*We are not liable for any injuries deriving from the above exercise 😉

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