Challenging the status quo and shaping a skyrocketing future for your company. This is what we do. Our individual blended approach of coaching, training, neuroscience and mentoring maximizes your business performance. Disruptive.
This is what we are.

We don’t have a magic wand.
What we do have is a solid method.

You bring your commitment and willingness to take action,
we bring the tools to facilitate change and help you achieve
your goals quickly and effectively.

Are you still “thinking” about it?
Just take the future in your hands

The Coaching Heads

The Coaching Heads believe that achieving success can be an exciting ride.

We love dreaming big, turning your vision into the future you want. Through professional coaching and training, we bring expertise and high energy into your business.


What They’re Saying about us

Elena is an excellent business coach, empathetic and result-oriented. I had an instant benefit from our meetings: clearer organisation of my work and priorities, as well as great help for team management. I was so enthusiastic of the results that I recommended The Coaching Heads to other colleagues.

Andrea, CEO @

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like The Coaching Heads! As a newly appointed CEO, I needed to develop a working methodology to prioritize my agenda and focus on the company’s goals. I was impressed by Elena's ability to help me find my own way of structuring my work, something that I would have never been able to do by myself.

Federica, CEO @ FairMail

I was at a stage where I needed to put all the pieces together and understand the direction to take and the best way to move forward. Federica helped me clarify my goals and go all the way down to translate my vision into practical to-dos. The Coaching Heads’ support was beneficial and essential for my achievements.

Dario, Founder & Chairman @

The coaching sessions with Federica touched various influencing elements in my life, from professional to energy level. The conversations helped me find the way to stay focussed. I’m very grateful and I would definitely recommend The Coaching Heads very much as coaches!

Dagmar, Acupuncturist @ Akupunktur Praxis

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