Architect, illustrator, interior designer, modern mom and an enchanted, intense look at the aesthetic and social themes of our time. Affectionate companion of life’s adventures, lovely and chronically breathless, her tiny figure recalls the White Rabbit, always poised between the responsibility of making you feel at ease and the need to chase fireflies and butterflies.

Simona, at first so fragile and then stronger than a tank, projects all her dichotomies into her stylized and symbolic artworks: deliberately minimal and colored prints, portraits and illustrations that celebrate beauty and genius through history and nature.

The Coaching Heads supported her Atelier di Gala during the lockdown by creating a strategic roadmap, aimed at maximizing the opportunities provided by the most effective sales channels for Simona’s target market.

What is your idea of happiness, Simona?

I believe that each of us has many beautiful things in their lives to be grateful and happy for. The challenge is being able to be aware of those as much as possible.

And what is your idea of success?

My idea of ​​success is to “make the difference”; there must be a reason why a customer chooses you, and not your competitor. It is your added value, your “Ikigai”. But there is no success if you are unable to integrate the work you love and do so well into the life you have chosen.

How did you set up your interior design business at the very beginning?

At first, I worked in very different fields. I made resin sculptures and fabric, I designed lamps and pets’ kennels, wooden furniture and accessories using unusual materials such as sponge or polystyrene.

In the meanwhile my business, as it is currently set-up, was born from a beautiful scenography project, when I approached illustration, which I later transferred to my fabrics.

I currently use my fabrics to produce a line of furniture, clothes and accessories.

What are the skills that are particularly valued in your sector?

Being up-to-date on trends is very important, but so is knowing how to break the mold. It really depends on the context.

If you look back, what was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it? And: What was your biggest achievement?

I believe I have only one answer to both questions.

I had a period of “traditional” success, immediately after finishing my studies, a period characterized by prestigious shows and exhibitions and publications in international magazines. When you are young, you take those awards for granted, because you think you deserve them. However, I did not realize that the difficult part was keeping the momentum, even at the cost of great sacrifices. And so, I wasted many opportunities.

I learned that it is worth it to fearlessly embark on undertakings that do not seem within your reach, and that it is equally important to consistently take care of projects, even with less exciting tasks.

What motivated you to go through tough times?

Sometimes I wonder about that, too! I have always believed that it is never too late for anything, maybe that’s it. 

Look for your own deep motivation. If you do something that really reflects you, everything becomes easier. Along with the awareness that as we change, our work will change with us.

Also: never stop educating yourself, and enriching and contaminating your thoughts with the enjoyment of art, beauty and new ideas.

What would be your advice for your younger self?

Don’t reject any job offer… the result might surprise you!

What was the added value of being supported by The Coaching Heads?

It is very important to take care of the aspects with which we have less affinity. Especially in creative professions, people often tend to neglect activities such as marketing and communication, or they lack clarity about their business model. 

The Coaching Heads helped me to see my work from another perspective, clearly highlighting and pursuing business parameters that were right before my eyes, yet I could not see them.

It was a bit like having a nice yarn and not knowing how to weave it. Well, they taught me how to do it!

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