What is stress and time management?

According to Clare W. Graves’ spiral dynamics, the human being develops in a way that recalls the concurrence of the rotation and revolution movements of the earth.

On the one hand, humanity moves on a path marked by a continuous shift of values, ranging from individual to community benefits; at the same time the individual moves on this same scale ​​and emancipate their values set within their individual dimension.

On both axes, time has become the most important currency, the unit through which we measure the quality of our existence.

At the same time, individuals are confronted with such a high level of stress, which is responsible for activating the sympathetic system, on a daily basis. This can lead to physical issues like headaches, migraines, or musculoskeletal problems.

Finally, the unmanageable amount of professional and personal tasks make our lives heavy and frequently generates a sense of inadequacy that pervades us as we try to survive in an environment where we struggle to handle the pressure of external expectations.

Being able to manage our resources is a skill that can be improved with applying various strategies and workarounds.

Understanding how the mind works at work is fundamental to maintaining a healthy balance that we need to positively influence our circle of life.

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