Let’s say you have named and tamed your fixed-mindset persona. That’s great, however, your journey has just started here. For your growth mindset to bear fruits, you need to be setting goals – for growing! Every day you are presented with opportunities and ways to grow, and to help the people you care about grow. How can you train yourself to look for these chances? 

Firstly, make a copy of the following graphic summary of the two mindsets, which was created by Nigel Holmes, and tape it to your mirror, your coffee machine, your laptop cover or wherever you think you can’t avoid seeing it.

Every day, use it to remind yourself of the differences between the fixed and growth mindsets. Then, as you contemplate the upcoming day, ask yourself the following questions:

What are the opportunities for learning and growth today?

As you think about opportunities, form a plan and ask yourself: 

When, where, how will I embark my plan? 

These questions will help you make the plan concrete. The “how” will require you to think of all the ways to bring your plan to like and make it work. As you encounter the inevitable obstacles and setbacks, sit down for a minute and take this opportunity to form a new plan.  

When, where, how will I act on my new plan?  

Regardless of how bad you might feel, chat with your fixed-mindset persona and convince it to do it!  

And when you succeed, don’t forget to ask yourself: 

What do I have to do to keep the momentum and continue to grow? 

The way ahead

It’s hard to change, but we have never heard anyone saying that it was not a worthwhile journey. 

People who have changed can tell about how their professional and private lives have been enhanced! They can tell you about things they now have, and the way they feel now. 

Did changing towards a growth mindset solve all their problems? Of course not… but for sure they have a different life! A richer one. And they are more alive, courageous, and open persons. 

It’s for you to decide whether a change is right for you. Maybe it is, maybe it is not. Regardless, you should keep the growth mindset in mind. When you stumble upon obstacles in your private or professional life, you can still switch it on. It will always be there, somewhere, showing a possible path for your future. 

You want more? The wonderful essay “Mindset – the new psychology of success” by Carol S. Dweck will give you an insightful overview on different experiences in parenting, business school and relationship, where the systematic use of the growth mindset brings successful results. 

And if you think you can use some support to reach your goals and to develop your growth mindset? We are here to help! Contact us and ask for details about our coaching programs!

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