I was a young college girl when I had to deal with a topic that didn’t suit me: war. I had to prepare a complementary sociology exam and given the various rounds of exams and deadlines, I had no other choice. The good news was that the exam was easy to prepare: you had to read two books and the super cool professor would surely give you the highest grade. I remember listlessly reading these treaties, one of which – The balance of terror – particularly hit me, despite my lack of interest in the subject. In this essay, war was analyzed as an inevitable social phenomenon that regularly and inexorably marked the various development stages of civilization. The author speaks about the fact that war is triggered where there are many people, too many, thus categorizing war as a geographical if not even a meteorological phenomenon, like a storm that relentlessly comes to calm the heat of an unbearable afternoon in late August.

In the same way, the coronavirus is bringing the world to its knees, silencing all the vagaries of a world saturated with excess in material terms, but also with its values, customs, vices and decadence of custom.

I look around and see things that are happening – which are paradoxically positive – that wouldn’t be possible without Coronavirus!

The most important thing is a lesson in humility. For the first time in decades, humans are forced to recognize their own helplessness towards a phenomenon they cannot manage. The arms race is not enough – unless you have an excellent aim, given the size of the virus – nor can we bomb it, this invisible enemy of ours.

We do not have a cure – not yet – we do not know how long this distressing nightmare will last and when we will return to normal … This unfortunate event gives us a very hard lesson on our limits and suddenly makes us aware of the fact that we are small, very small, microscopic.

The lost sense of boredom is present again. The sense of time is diluted, we are lucky as it is the most precious currency of our era! Yes, we have to stay indoors without doing anything. So what, when was the last time you had such a luxury? Our agendas, full of appointments, have long distracted us from spending time with ourselves. This is a time to stop and look inside, reflect on yourself, rejoice of what we have become and also accept the limits that we do not love about ourselves.

Spending time with loved ones, last but not least, has an immeasurable value, even if your children are breaking your walls pickaxes. Being together and perhaps getting bored together has an ancient flavour, and at the same time an unexpected modernity.

In Venice dolphins are swimming in the canals, and little ducks nest on the Bridge of Sighs. The most beautiful city in the world has gone back to being so, with crystal clear waters, clean air. Away from the smog of the cities, the world breathes, regenerates and thanks, giving us the sound of silence, which contains the noise generated by the universe in continuous expansion, the unstoppable miracle of nature that gets the better of history.

And then there are them, new LinkedIn contacts, who have finally broken their chain letters and understood that no, we don’t want you to teach us a strategy to expand our customer portfolio, let alone if it consists in spamming all our social contacts as you are doing, YOU, a “marketing specialist”. SEO, SERP and various marketing specialists: if we do not answer the first time, it is not by rewriting to us that you will convince us of the effectiveness of your services. On the contrary, you should know that this exact move will make us want to hire you less…

Also this phenomenon seems to have magically weakened and we are glad about it 🙂

These are new times for us, we will discover together how to move forward, nature is very strong but the human being is brilliant, and this is the perfect time to discover a new solidarity!

The Coaching Heads wish strong nerves and a positive outlook to all our colleagues, friends, relatives! – Comments are welcome. Except advice on how to expand our customer portfolio 😉

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