Happy New Year! This week we talked to one of the first and most successful naturopaths in Berlin.  Dagmar Amtmann started her business back in 1991, therefore pioneering in the new field of alternative medicine. She laid the foundations for a flourishing business and is a role model for many young colleagues. Dagmar is originally from Frankfurt am Main and is a proud mother of two.

Fun fact about Dagmar:  for the exhibition Link in Bio – Art after social media – Dagmar acupunctured the artist Andy Karrier

Andy Kassiers Ausstellung beginnt morgen in Leipzig.Ich habe ihn dafür akupunktiert 😊.

Pubblicato da Akupunktur Berlin Kreuzberg Dagmar Amtmann su Domenica 15 dicembre 2019

Dagmar, what does your business look like and what makes it unique in Berlin? 

“In my own practice in Berlin Kreuzberg I work with a focus on acupuncture, herbal medicine and ear acupuncture. Over the years I have expanded my areas of application with other effective therapy methods such as Dorn Therapy and Liebscher & Bracht Pain Therapy. I have also familiarized myself with orthomolecular medicine and run several rehabilitation programs with my patients.”

You are one of the first professionals in Berlin to have offered acupuncture, chinese medicine and yoga in the early 90s. How did you plan to start your business? 

“This is my first and only learned profession and I made the right choice for myself. After graduating from high school, I thought about what I really wanted to do with my life, what I enjoyed learning. Then I remembered that as a child I had an interest in learning the effectiveness and areas of application of medicinal plants. This led me to start training as a naturopath.”

How did you manage to turn your passion into your mission? 

“Because of my passion for naturopathy, there was no question for me at the time whether I should dare to become self-employed. Ultimately, I grew into it slowly. Although you should also have some affinity for completely independent work and good self-organization. That was not so difficult for me.”

Has your idea of being successful changed since then? 

“Satisfaction with my work was always my first goal. Of course, economic success is also important to be satisfied. This has barely changed over the years.”

What are the skills that are particularly valued in this business? 

“Knowledge, sensitivity, openness. I personally value freedom, tolerance and philanthropy”

Any suggestions you can provide to the younger generations who want to build up their own business in the alternative health care business?  

“One of the most important qualities is perseverance. Knowing where you want to go and constantly chasing that goal. There is no doubt that coaching can help you with this.”

What motivated you to learn through times? 

“My motivation to do everything possible to work with really high quality made it possible for me to continue my training and to do my job satisfactorily for myself. This basic attitude made it easy for me to stay focused on the topic and to keep myself up-to-date.”

How has coaching helped you to reach your goals?

“Coaching is wonderfully supportive to bring more clarity in your own processes and to overcome temporarily difficult phases. You can also easily get different perspectives and interpretations of the situation and work in a targeted and supported manner. I can only recommend it to be supported by it.”


Dagmar Amtmann practices in Berlin Kreuzberg. You can find more info on her website.

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