Since launching our website, we have been flooded with compliments about the amazing graphics and design. And we have kept a secret about the identity of the author… until now!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to introduce Lara Pratesi to you! She is one of the most creative graphic and web designers out there, a part from being a kick-ass woman and a successful professional in the Florence area.

Our series of interviews From Head to Toe couldn’t start with more fireworks. Let’s see what Lara has to say about turning her passion into her mission and everything that happened in-between. Happy reading!

What is your idea of ​​happiness?
To keep on doing what I like, while always improving myself and with a fair financial compensation.

What does success mean to you?
Being at the end of the day and feeling satisfied with what I did.

What are the skills that your colleagues particularly admire in you?
Versatility, because I can range from graphics (both on paper and in the web) to front-end programming.

Why do you think your business idea is successful?
Because it is a current sector and because we provide a complete service, structured around the customer’s needs.

What advice would you give to someone starting a new business?
Courage, tenacity and continuous updating.

If you looked back, what would you have done differently?
I’d start doing refresher courses earlier.

What was your biggest failure and what did it teach you?
The bankruptcy of my family’s business which I was managing (not de facto) was a real economic and personal disaster: my parents had left me 10 million euros in debts, 3 criminal and 2 civil trials. It taught me that when you are on the ground you can do nothing but stand up again and that failure is like a sacrament: everyone should experience it at least once in their lives.
If I had not failed, I would not have started my own business and could not have been what I am today.

What was your greatest success and what did it teach you?
My greatest success is being able to do a job that I like every single day, something that I have created by myself and that I continue to build further.

What motivated you to go on in the most difficult moments?
There is no specific motivation, if you do something you believe in and you find yourself in a difficult situation you can do nothing but trying to solve the problems.

How has coaching helped you achieve your goals?
It helped me to visualise all the little steps that were needed in order to reach the bigger goal.

How did you turn your passion into your mission?
Do or not do. There is no try. (Master Yoda)


In 2010, together with Laura Politi, a marketing expert, Lara founded  Webtitude Communication: an agency that offers digital communication services, graphics and social media advertising. Check out their awesome work!

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