Proud daughter of small business owners, entrepreneurship was my daily bread while growing up. My passion for L&D started when working for Booking.com. I was given the chance to attend incredible workshops with the best training providers in the industry and I acquired some of the techniques that I still employ today (my favourite one? Gamification!) 

I later made a further career step and was hired as a Merchandising Operations Manager in another dynamic, international and fast-paced e-commerce company. My responsibilities and competences increased exponentially in a short period of time. I developed my analytical, prioritization and organizational skills on the one hand, and became even more creative, assertive and empathetic, on the other.

However, I soon realized that my heart was in people development so I enrolled into two Diplomas – Personal Performance and Small Business Coaching – with Europe’s most prestigious training organization for coaches: The Coaching Academy in London.

My mission as a coach is making a difference and having a truly positive impact on others. That is why I focused on coaching and empowering women, young entrepreneurs and socially responsible businesses, while using the 3 languages I am fluent in: Italian, English and Spanish.

Thanks to my previous work experience, I accumulated a wealth of knowledge on people management and leadership skills, which allow me to confidently design and deliver personalized Business Training on a variety of topics. I am also certified to conduct DISC Behavioural Assessments, a widely recognized tool to enhance successful manager-employees relationships and to promote inter-team communication and cooperation.

In 2019, I joined forces with my “partner in crime” Federica and founded The Coaching Heads, specializing in small businesses and startups. Vision, risk-taking, passion, creativity, excitement, freedom: this is what I love about small businesses and startups. And the challenges and obstacles too, you never get bored or stop learning!